Jamey Jasta

Hey, Jamey! Here are some additional thoughts to the episode #299 with Karl Willets (shout out to Memoriam). He said that Russia is a sanctuary for white power, and that KKK registered their website here. I think, he was misinformed in some way. We deal with extremism every day - big cities in Russia were targets for terroist attacks just a few years ago. We have pretty severe legislation concerning extremism and racism. As well as in Germany swastika is oficially banned in Russia. For showing it somehow you may end in prison. Soviet Union was the country with the biggest death toll of the WWII - it's 27 millon dead, more than all European countries all together. I can hardly imagine any KKK site being registered in .RU zone. More likely, all such sites are closed in violation of freedom of speech.

Jamey Jasta responded on 11/28/2017

I think I answered this on the episode w/ Johnny 3 Tears from Hollywood Undead thanks so much for the clarity and for writing in!

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