Jamey Jasta

How come you had the fucktard from earth crisis on your show? I realize when you were young you were poisoned by late 80's horseshit masquerading as punk or whatever..... but please? The fucking lyrics, the hair, the shitty records ,,,ALBANY? Fuck ALBANY. Earth crisis sucks balls. Total dong music. Anti thought, anti soul , anti individuality. Beat to shit clone jams . I doubt Ian Mackaye would ever cop to being responsible for that tool and his lack of interpretation. What a giant crock of shit.
Hearing his opinions about addiction made me wanna take up drugs and drive a bus into an orphanage.I would have rather heard you interview a dude from the tenderloin in SF taking a shit in the streets, it would have been far more informative and entertaining.
Get a real guest, Id rather hear you interview Vinnie Stigma 4 times a month.

Jamey Jasta responded on 03/30/2018

It's just a podcast man haha. Drink some good coffee, listen to some death metal and do some push ups, you'll be ok. Everything will be ok. Luv ya! oh and they're from Syracuse not Albany :)

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