Jamey Jasta

Yo jasta, I really don’t care, but I thought it worth saying. I got my girl the CBD ISOLATE CAPSULES. Helped ALOT with stress she goes through and even a hidden benefit (helps with that time of the month and cramps)
So A) I’ve noticed you keep saying there’s FREE shipping(NO DICE), you’ve boughten from there twice now. I’m not bitching about paying, I’d just like to Clarify that’s NOT the case, least for me and I’m in USA( I can show the screenshots). And B) WHY NO JASTA CODE!?!?!?!? For Infintie CBD

You and Lisa Ann are reason I even know about this company, so I ended up using her code.

So please CORRECT THAT SHIT(not sure if this long rant(?) belongs here. But hopefully you read this on the podcast


Jamey Jasta responded on 06/19/2018

Ok thanks for the heads up!!

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