Jamey Jasta

Really enjoying the podcast Jamey! I am a long time fan. Saw you on that Entombed/Bloodlet/Hatebreed tour in Austin in 96 I believe. You cover a lot of topics I really enjoy. You seem pretty fair when it comes to others' beliefs. Have you ever had Christian artists on? I think Ryan Clark Demon Hunter, Bruce Fitzhugh Living Sacrifice, Rocky Gray LS/Soul Embraced, Mark Saloman Stavesacre/The Crucified, Jimmy Brown II Deliverance, Jim Chaffin The Crucified,Deliverance,The Blamed, Tommy Green Sleeping Giant, Jason Wisdom Becoming The Archetype/Death Therapy. They are Christians, but they have other interests and industry ties & are well respected in both the Christian and Secular worlds. I personally listen to everything.I have a radio show that I've been doing since 2012 called Faster For the Master on No Control Radio & I play old school classics and new school heavy but from a Christian's point of view.https://soundcloud.com/nocontrolradio/faster-for-the-master-91218

Jamey Jasta responded on 10/24/2018

thanks! I answered this on the show!

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