Jamey Jasta

How do you remain so strong. I just had my world collapse in ways I didn't think possible from a man I thought was my forever. The only thing he brought good into my life was Hatebreed . You have such and amazing stage presence and your lyrics are so intense and full of fortitude and strength. I use them to carry me through the weak moments. I have been a metal head my entire life . I am a 50 yr old metal momma and music is the core of my soul. The bane of my existence. It's what's kept me alive this entire time. Thank you for giving me and this world amazing strength and hope through your words. I am a lover of words. Man's greatest weapon and greatest healer and you are a master at both.

Jamey Jasta responded on 05/01/2020

thanks so much, stay strong. this too shall pass. I read uplifting stuff, I write & do my best to be creative, I do a gratitude journal, I riff out on my guitar, I try to get fresh air & enjoy nature as much as possible and I keep my circle small. It also helps that I never drink alcohol. I always flip open a book called the Four Agreements when I am stressed as well. Screaming/singing is my main outlet but the podcast has helped me gain perspective and change my opinion on a lot of things. It's also helped me stay in touch with people & bounce ideas off of. Take care!

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