Jamey Jasta

Saw Kingdom of Sorrow last year at mayhem...fukn rockin!!! Must be hard working in 2 bands...how do you keep them seperated and put your all into both?

Jamey Jasta responded on 04/16/2012

I don't really put my all into Kingdom Of Sorrow, it's a true side project. Something I do when I have the time & motivation. The mayhem fest was probably the only full tour we'll ever do w/ KOS. It was just something fun/cool for the fans. Gotta devote my time to Hatebreed now, probably won't have a new KOS album for a long time. Kirk has new Down music coming out and a bunch of tours with Crowbar/Down and I will be touring w/ Hatebreed in support of a new album later this year.

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