Jamey Jasta

How would you compare your music then and now, after just turning a year older? Do you feel a different level of maturity that accompanies your performances now? I love that you represent the hc scene

Jamey Jasta responded on 08/27/2012

thanks, but there's no need to compare really. I acknowledge some changes but comparison isn't something I need to do anymore. Probably because turning 35 had a decent impact on me in the fact that our time is fleeting and needs to be used wiser. it will show on the lyrics for the next album for sure. life is too short to worry/complain & not live in the now. I touch on topics i've sung about in the past but with a new sense of urgency and I sing about some new stuff as well. it's still uplifting to me so I keep writing & creating. we hope to have it out in January

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